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 If you have questions, please direct them to: admissions@shawneecc.edu
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All students who wish to enroll at Shawnee Community College must submit the following information:

Shawnee Community College is required to comply with certain statutory and regulatory reporting of student taxpayer identification numbers for the issuance of 1098-T’s. The IRS has the ability to impose a fine or penalty on Shawnee Community College for failing to report student taxpayer identification numbers on 1098-T notices. A student’s taxpayer identification number is typically their social security number. Accordingly, students are required to provide that information to the college on their admission application. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of eventual denial of any admission application on behalf of the student. Shawnee Community College will, of course, comply with all state and federal privacy requirements on information obtained regarding student taxpayer identification numbers.

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