Directions to Main Campus

The Main Campus is located in the approximate center of College District
531. Communities near the Main Campus include Ullin, Karnak, and Grand
Chain. The Campus can be easily accessed from Interstate 57 from the west,
State Route 37 from the north and State Route 45 from the east via Route

From Carbondale/Marion
– Take Hwy 51/I-57 South to Exit
18-Ullin. Turn Left onto Shawnee College Road.

From Charleston, MO – Take I-57 North past Cairo, IL to Exit 18-Ullin.
Turn Right onto Shawnee College Road.

From Paducah, KY – Take Rt. 45 North to Rt. 169. Turn left and go through
Karnak, turn left onto Rt. 37, then right onto Shawnee College Road.

From Cape Girardeau, MO – From the Cape Bridge, turn left onto Rt. 3. Turn
right at the McClure Elementary School onto the Grapevine Trail for 14
miles. At Tamms, turn left after the railroad tracks to a stop sign. Turn
left onto Rt. 127 North. Turn right onto the Ullin/Tamms Blacktop. Turn
right immediately following the railroad tracks in Ullin, then another
right onto Rt. 51 South. Turn left onto Shawnee College Road.

The main phone number for the Ullin Campus is (618) 634-3200.